Auto Refractor
Basic Use:  The Auto Refractor is used to objectively determine the patients
eye gloss or contact lens prescription.
What it Shows: It shows the patients amount of near sightedness, far
sightedness, or astigmatism. It also detects focusing abnormalities.
Diagnosis: This machine is used before a refraction to aid Dr Gillett in
finalizing the eye glass or contact lens prescriptions.
Basic Use: The spectrophotometer magnifies the cornea digitally 600x for the
evaluation of the cornea.
What it shows: It evaluates corneal health, endothelial cells counts, and
corneal thickness.
Diagnosis: It is used to evaluate the cornea in contact lens cases, pre cataract
surgery workup and glaucoma cases
Basic Use: This machine creates a digital cross section of the retina.
What it shows: It will show blood leakage, cyst formation, tissue necrosis,
membrane damage, neovascularization, etc.
Diagnosis: It helps us diagnose and evaluate retinal changes in Macular
Degeneration, Diabetes, Hypertension and, Glaucoma.
Basic Use: The perimeter is used to evaluate the quality of vision outside the
critical viewing area.
What it shows: It will show visual acuity in a 10° area for macular
degeneration or a 30° area for Glaucoma.
Diagnosis: The perimeter is valuable in detecting visual loss from swelling in
Diabetic and Hypertensive Retinpathy.
                 Digital Fundus Camera
Basic Use: The Fundus Camera images the surface for the retina.
What it shows: It is our main tool for eye health detection. It allows us to
diagnose any retinal disease which presents itself at the surface of the retina.
Diagnosis: Diabetic and Hypertension retinopathy, Macualar Degeneration,
Glaucoma, and peripheral retinal degenerations are commonly detected.  

    Ultrasound Biomicroscopy (UBM)
What it shows: The anterior chamber angles (ACA) and the ciliary body.
Diagnosis: Evaluate the ACA openings and assure there is proper drainage of
fluid created in eye
   Ophthalmic ultrasound (B-Scan)
Basic Use: The B-Scan is used to take an ultrasound of the eye, a fluid-filled
What it shows: The structural integrity of the pathology of the eye.
Diagnosis: Analyzing and measuring intraocular growths such as choroidal
melanoma. These exams are effective in detecting retinal detachments as well
as vitreous detachments.
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